Journalist/Editor to Launch Advanced Technology Media Site

InterDigital (NASDAQ: IDCC), a mobile and video technology research and development company with almost 600 employees worldwide, is seeking an editor to help define and launch a media property dedicated to future wireless technologies and the use cases that will drive their adoption. This is a phenomenal opportunity for a journalist interested in advanced technology or science, and a tremendous career-building role becoming exposed to, and eventually a strong voice in, future technologies like wireless but also AR/VR, advanced gaming, smart cities, etc.

Initially scoped out as a website that will include a bi-weekly newsletter that will combine original and contributed content with curated news from around the industry, the position can grow with the success of the project and scope of the editor’s capabilities and ambition. Possibilities will include anything from podcasts to video blogs to online roundtables. This person will be the primary researcher, writer, and editor for the newsletter, but will work closely with the marketing and communications department and engineers throughout the company, as well as targeting interesting sources of content throughout the industry. This person will conduct colorful interviews, curate industry research and articles, and produce smart content around the potential for advanced wireless technology and the path before its realization. At launch, the property will have an established readership of tens of thousands, one of the largest in the wireless industry.

The position will begin as a full-time, paid internship as we spend the summer producing content and gauging the feasibility of the overall project. Once the feasibility is confirmed, we would transition to a full-time role. The editor will work from our offices in Montreal, and travel to our locations in the United States, France and London as well as to major conferences around the world.

Candidates must be self-starters, preferably with a background in technology or strong interest in the development of 6G technology and its applications, like visual technology, AR/VR, gaming, etc. The entrepreneurial spirit of the candidate is very important: the successful candidate will be helping us create the property.

Overall Responsibility

  • Newsletter Development and Editing
    • This person will research, curate, produce, and edit a bi-weekly 6G newsletter to be sent to a large industry database
  • Content Creation
    • This person is responsible for producing 2-3 pieces of original content related to 6G and its applications for the newsletter every week.
    • Original content for the newsletter will be produced from interviews with engineers and subject matter experts, exploration of industry research, and partner collaborations.
    • A significant challenge will be to reach beyond the company to researchers, thought leaders, regulators and other stakeholders around the world.
  • Content Curation
    • This person will monitor and curate external articles and op-eds, research, and events related to future wireless technologies and 6G for inclusion in the newsletter and media site.
  • Media Site Management
    • This person will maintain and update a 6G Media Site to serve as a repository for newsletter information, and a host for industry content and conversations related to future wireless and the technologies that will drive its adoption.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience and/or strong interest in cutting edge communications and visual technology
  • Strong writing and editing experience
  • Experience in other types of content creation – audio/podcasts, video, data journalism, social media, etc.
  • High level of organization skill, ability to multi-task and work with hard deadlines
  • Self-motivated and capable of managing a bi-weekly project from start to completion
  • Works well with internal staff and external database of SMEs and contacts to meet goals and deadlines, etc.
  • Attention to detail and technical accuracy, especially in editing and proofing.

Candidates can contact:

Patrick Van de Wille ( – +33 7 64 36 40 01

Roya Stephens ( – +1 (202) 349 1714