Writers for Mediafugees, a new website

Company: Mediafugees
Category: Website
Job: Unpaid writer
Rate: Volunteer
Location: Montreal, Que.
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: Ongoing


This new web magazine intends to give a voice to refugees and people in exile.

The idea is to use text, radio, videos, drawings and so on to tell stories about exile. Based in Montreal and Marseille, we are also developing partnerships in England, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, and Indonesia. So it is really a transnational project.

In order to produce great content and beautiful stories, we ask volunteer journalists,
video-reporters, photographers, to help refugees to tell their stories. It could be a great opportunity for journalism students to gain experience and work on a project that has a positive social impact.

Please submit your application to:
Email: camille.teste@mediafugees.com

For more information: