Winter Internship for Students at International Print/Online Magazine

Category: Unpaid internship
Job: Curator/writer
Remuneration: Pro bono
Location: Montreal
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: TBD

Are you a creative, avant-garde curator and/or a talented writer seeking mass exposure? Look no further!

We are looking to share what you are working on, collaborate on unique projects, share your thesis with our readers! Whether you are a writer, designer, painter, photographer, or you simply want to get an idea you have to execution, we would love to hear from you. Emerge as a critical thinker and maker!

We are currently looking for internationally-based creatives to research and produce unique and distinctive content in the fields of art, fashion, photography, design while having a personal sensibility to current sociological events. The research and production of the content will be in correspondence with the editor as well as the given brands, designers, artists or researchers.

Knowledge in WordPress, graphic and/or web design and copy editing are a plus!
* This is an unpaid digital internship. School credits are available.

To Apply:

To be considered, please send a note about yourself, along with your CV, two or more relevant writing samples that demonstrate your interests and understandings of one or many subjects and ability to conduct interviews, as well as portfolio and social media links, if applicable at the following electronic address:

For more information:

Elizabeth Pangia, Executive Assistant



THEFINEPRINT is an independent print and digital magazine published worldwide curating the fine and applied arts.

We believe that original content makes the essence of a publication, so impeccable writing skills and strong command of the English language, foremost interest in out-of-the-box and cutting-edge subjects, meticulousness, creativity, and thirst for learning are a must.

Although we are based in Montreal, THEFINEPRINT’s primary market and distribution point is in London. We have reached an international demographic as we are published in all big metropolitans of the world including London, Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Melbourne, Los Angeles and many more. Applicants do not need to be located within these cities.