Pro Soccer Team Media Director

Company: CS Monteuil
Category: Editor
Job: Media Manager
Remuneration: TBD
Location: Laval
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: N/A

CS Monteuil is the largest soccer club in Laval and is now looking for a media manager to cover our newly formed professional team.
The candidate will cover the six home games, potentially the six away games and write weekly press releases.
If the candidate is comfortable dealing with local media outlets (newspapers, magazines), the club will offer remuneration for the position.
CS Monteuil would prefer a candidate that is comfortable writing about sports and passionate about helping create a brand.

Requirements: N/A

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As a community club, we take pride in offering an affordable and easily accessible program for every child in the Vimont and Auteuil areas.

We want to offer the invaluable experience of being a part of a team, in a supportive environment to all players. Players will learn how to accept results, both good and bad, with proper sportsmanship and class.

We believe that all players should play relatively equal amounts of time during games. Players will feel valued and improve their self-confidence.