Media relations internship

The communications and media relations department at the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal is looking for an intern to perform various duties within the department.

We would need an intern to help update our database of media contacts within Montreal, within Quebec and the rest of Canada. This will include making sure we have the most up-to-date names and contact information for newsrooms across the city, province and country.

The intern will have the opportunity to shadow the media relations department (communicating with the media, responding to their requests, writing press releases, writing media invitations, observe media training, video production, podcast production, etc).

We’re hoping the intern can be available at least 3-4 hours per week and start as soon as possible and continue through the rest of their semester.

For more info, contact:
Barry Morgan
Information Agent,Communications & Media Relations
CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Ile-de-MontrĂ©al | Integrated Health & Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal
T: 514 340 8222 #24120