Freelance Editor

Company: LinkNow Media
Category:  Webdesign and Digital Marketing
Job:  Freelance Editor
Location: Montreal, QC
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration:  Full Time

LinkNow Media is a company which develops dynamic websites and digital marketing solutions for over 8500 clients throughout the United States and Canada.

LinkNow Media is looking for freelance editors to review website content and make them worthy of publication. Pages to be edited will usually be around 500 words.

The responsilibilities include:
• Correct grammar and spelling
• Ensure that content is formatted for engagement and the main points can be easily scanned
• Remove repetitive themes/words
• Confirm that a page of content is at minimum 500 words. If not, add to page
• Verify work with online plagiarism checker
• All edits must be done with the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft Word
• All work must be submitted by deadline
• Impeccable organizational skills
• Positive attitude and open to feedback
• Able to work under pressure and on a tight deadline
• Ability to think and write creatively

Position Requirements:
The candidate should have:
• Bachelor’s degree in journalism, creative writing, communications, or related discipline. Alternatively, 2 years of editing experience
• Adept proficiency of the English language
•  Aptitude with Microsoft Word
•  Exceptional time management skills
•  Impeccable attention to detail
•  Experience in digital marketing is an asset
•  Knowledge of SEO is an asset

A resume and a short cover letter.
Selected applicants will be given details concerning rates, an information package and a sample page to edit.


For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to: