Editor at Flightnook

Company: Flightnook
Category: Online
Job: Editor
Remuneration: Voluntary (potentially paid  at a later stage)
Location: Montreal
Deadline to apply: March 5, 2018
Duration: Open

 Flightnook.com wants to make flying more sustainable for every individual passenger and we are currently looking for an EDITOR to support us on idea generation and realization.
A small team of supporting students work on several topics and we need further help to make the website more appealing.
The project is advancing steadily and we are incubated by District 3.
What we can provide presently is some work experience, a cool and dynamic team and the potential to grow with an awesome project.

 Interested in topics around climate change, writing skills, English speaking

To Apply:
 Email with short background description and/or CV (not mandatory) to: contact@flightnook.com

For more information:
Contact via Email: contact@flightnook.com

Aviation is presently very limited to become more environmentally friendly. We all heard about Tesla and how it is driving the new generation of electric cars, however, similar technologies won’t be available for aviation soon. But progress is happening on other ends and those concern the jet fuel itself. Today technologies exist, to produce eco-friendly jet fuels that allow emissions and exploitation reduction.
We from Flightnook want to give every individual passenger access to those sustainable jet fuels and the choice to fly more environmentally friendly no matter which airline they prefer. In doing so, transparency counts to one of our highest priorities and we take that role very seriously.