CJAD 800/TSN 690 Spring-Summer Internships

Are you a hard-working journalism or communications student with a passion for radio who is looking for a credited internship? Are you looking to gain hands-on experience in the news talk and/or sports radio industry? Then look no further! We have several internship opportunities available at CJAD 800 and TSN 690 for the spring and summer of 2019.

CJAD 800 is Montreal’s leading newstalk radio station, bringing a wide range of human interest, local, provincial, federal and international news stories to the community.

TSN 690 is the home of the Habs, the Alouettes and the Impact, and keeps the conversation going for Montreal sports fans.

Bell Media has six spring/summer 2019 internship positions available at CJAD 800 and TSN 690 for promising future journalists, hosts, and/or producers. Depending on whether your interests lie in sports, news or both, we will divvy up your time between content producing, reporting, news, and sports.

What You Can Expect: Some of your tasks as interns will include: chasing and booking guests, writing scripts (ledes and questions) for hosts, editing audio, covering press conferences, as well as on-air contributions as needed.

Please send:
• A cover letter explaining why you want an internship at CJAD 800 and/or TSN 690
• Your resumé
• Two to three samples of your writing
• A demo recording in MP3 format, customized for the station that you are interested in (i.e. If you’re applying for TSN 690, include a sample SportsCentre report, as well as a sample talk segment. If you’re applying for CJAD 800, include a traffic report, a commercial read, and a news wrap. If you’re interested in both, include both.) 3 MINUTES MAX

• February 1st 2019

Given the high demand and competitive nature of the station’s internship program, we are asking potential interns to submit their applications for the spring/summer 2019 period by February 1st 2019. All internships are unpaid, and require a full-time, weekday commitment of four-to-six weeks. At this time, CJAD 800 and TSN 690 can accommodate only for-credit internships. Please note that only those candidates being considered for an internship will be contacted.