Writer/ Videographer

Company: Lacava Design Inc.
Category: Digital Design for print and Media
Job: Writer/Videographer
Location: Montreal, QC
Deadline to apply: November 3rd, 2016
Duration: 3 months

Lucie Lacava, Design Consultant at Lacava Design Inc. is looking for a journalism student(s) willing to participate in a digital/design research project.
The student is invited to join a team, and participate in brainstorming sessions every Friday until the end of January. The team will address the future of digital news, and will collaborate on a project to create new visual models for digital news publications.

The student’s responsibilities will consist on:
• contributing story ideas
• and help the team create a digital prototype.

At the Poynter Institute in January 2017, Lucie Lacava will present innovative models that offer design solutions for how to present news and information via digital platforms. The candidate will join the team and participate in this three month project.

Position Requirements:
The ideal candidate will be a third year journalism student, with a keen interest in digital media, Millennial, and Generation Z. He/She will possess most of the following skills: write stories, edit headlines, shoot video, write code.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Lucie Lacava: lucie@lacavadesign.ca

Full credit will be given to participants.
Here’s a link to a video which briefly explains the challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WIy5njx52g