Writer/ Videographer

Company: Tamtams
Category: Student Online Magazine
Job: Writer, Videographer unpaid
Location: Montreal

Tamtams.ca is a website dedicated to the youth and urban culture of Montreal and serves as a platform for local creatives to connect and share their work.
Tamtams is looking for
more content creators.
Tamtams would be communicating article proposals to the students and they would be going out and executing them accordingly.

The tasks will include:
• conducting an interview
• write an article detailing the significance of its subject.

The candidate may be asked to help manage social media, and may be invited to periodic business related events.
Students would have the flexibility to work from home, however there are bi-weekly meetings that they would need to attend in the downtown Montreal area.

Position Requirements:
Tamtams is looking for creative writer, videographer or simply a Montreal enthusiast.
The candidate should have good communication skills, speaks and writes clearly and effectively, listens to others, and be open to new ideas.
Proficiency in English is required, and conversational proficiency in French is a bonus. Applicants must also be proficient in standard software applications (Microsoft Word, Excel) and WordPress would be a plus.

A CV including any previous work experience and a writing, videographer, or production portfolio (any of which they may have), even if no prior work experience is required.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Please sent an email at contact@tamtams.ca and you will be reached to schedule a meeting in order to explain what Tamtams does.