Community News Intern/News Headline Coordinator CKUT Radio

Company: CKUT
Job: Unpaid internships
Location: Montreal, Qc (Concordia)
Deadline to apply: Friday, September 2, 2016, 11:59 PM EST
Duration: 3 months/TBD


The position of Community News Intern is a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills in radio production within a non hierarchical work environment. The intern will be exposed to new skills by facilitating a collective production environment. These skills include writing for radio, conducting independent news research, learning and offering training in radio production techniques, and using the Internet for archiving and distribution purposes. The intern will work under the direction and supervision of CKUT’s Community News and Production Coordinator.

The first two weeks will be spent training the intern to work at CKUT, including an orientation about CKUT and an overview of the job tasks that they will be working on during their term of employment. Interns will take all necessary station trainings and become a fully integrated member of the News Collective team. The work environment is one that promotes mentoring; the intern will be expected to pass on many of the skills that they have learned to new volunteers coming into the station. This is a position that allows the intern to demonstrate knowledge acquired during their internship by teaching others. The coordinator will be available at all times to answer questions and provide guidance.

Length: The Community News Internship shall last a minimum of 3 months at 10-15 hours per week.

Work tasks: Compiling community news stories; facilitating news collective meetings; delegating tasks for news production; engineering in pre-production and on-air; editing pre-recorded material; uploading interviews for Internet distribution and archiving; preparing daily runsheets; assisting in “Weekly Headlines” production and distribution.

Required Skills: Fundamental skills – research, writing, communication, problem solving. Personal management skills – a positive attitude, high sense of responsibility, ability to adapt to changes in the work environment, desire for continuous learning, safe work practices. Teamwork skills – must demonstrate an ability to work with others and participate in projects and tasks.

Contact: Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to


The CKUT news headline coordinator will be responsible for producing a daily (Tuesday-Friday) 3-5 minute headline package for CKUT. The headlines will be produced in accordance with CKUT’s social justice news mandate. The headline coordinator will work under the guidance of the news coordinator, and in collaboration with other volunteer members of the news collective. This intern will be responsible for writing, recording, and editing a headline package, as well as research and finding or recording sound clips (actualities).

Required Skills: Fundamental skills: research, writing, communication, problem solving. Ability to work well in teams. Knowledge of Montreal/Quebec/Canada news sources. Social media. Highly organized. Bilingualism in English and French is an asset.

Contact: Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to

CKUT Community News
+1 (514) 448-4041
Twitter: @ckutnews