Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Concordia University Journalism Internship

CBC News is at the forefront of local digital and broadcast journalism in Montreal.
At CBC Montreal, we gather, produce and broadcast news in Quebec for CBC Radio, CBC Television and CBC.CA/Montreal.

We are currently seeking two interns: One for the Fall 2016 session, and one for the Winter 2017 session, to work in Montreal with CBC News.

Internships Goals

Each intern will be given the opportunity to gain practical experience at CBC News in Montreal.
Specifically, each intern will work as a junior member of the CBC News desk team and will learn to gather information, fact check, pitch stories and take part in the production of news.

Internship Application Process

• Letter of intent from the student to describe why they wish to secure the position and how they will benefit from the experience;

• Concordia University transcript (MyConcordia portal print out is acceptable);

• Letter of endorsement from Concordia University faculty member.

Application Deadline: September 11 (at midnight)

• This internship is offered under the JOUR 450-Internship/Independent Study course, for a total of three credits. Students must obtain departmental approval to enroll in this program.


• 160 hours of unpaid service (no salary, stipends or other such remuneration) or approx 15 hours per week for 11 to 12 weeks in CBC News Montreal.

• Note – Students undertaking these internships are not excused from classes or other course

Candidate Selection Criteria

• Third Year Journalism student.

• Curious and critical thinker

• Passionate about journalism

• Strong work ethic: meeting deadlines, attention to detail, dedication, initiative, team player

• Strong writing and broadcasting skills

• Excellent digital skills

• Bilingual, English and French.

Submit Applications to:

Alison Cook, CBC Montreal

By email, titled CBC NEWS INTERNSHIP, to