Journalism Internship

Company: The Vocalist
Category: TV + Magazine
Job: Journalism Internship / Writer and Editor
Rate: Volunteer
Location: Montreal, Que.
Deadline to apply: September 11, 2017
Duration: 120 Hours – From September 18, 2017 to December 2017

Description: The Vocalist Magazine / TVM TV is looking for students who are interested in a learning opportunity, where they can extend their journalism, television broadcasting education beyond the classroom. The Vocalist Magazine / TVM TV internship is designed to provide students with a strong interest in journalism an opportunity to gain insight into the day-to-day operations of professional magazine and media production.

Position Requirements:
• Needs to be registered at a university or college on a full-time basis.
• Prefer someone working toward a career in broadcast journalism. Applicant needs to be in good academic standing and possess some knowledge of music industry.
• Needs to be organized, able to meet deadlines and be a self-starter.
• Good writing, production and conversational skills, and be able to transmit information clearly and efficiently.
• The internship will cover a quarter/semester period of approximately sixteen (16) hours per week, with a schedule to be arranged by the intern and the intern coordinator.
• Work effectively in a team environment.
• Maintain a positive and cooperative rapport with staff, management, and clients.
• Project an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor.


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