Writer and Editor Internship

Company: The Pop Culture Rainman™ PopCultureRainman.com
Category: Digital Entertainment Media Brand
Job: Writer & Editor Internship
Location: Montreal, QC
Deadline to apply: May 29, 2017
Duration: 120 Hours Spread Out Throughout May 2017 to Mid August 2017.

PopCultureRainman.com  offers a Content Creation, Video Production, Social Media Management, CJAD Radio Show Internship.

PopCultureRainman.com is seeking exceptional editorial + multimedia all-stars.
Do you have high-brow opinions on viral news? Do you have experience in radio or podcasting?


Position Requirements:
The candidate should have a passion for pop culture, music, fashion and trend spotting.
The ideal candidate should have preferably high-brow opinions on viral news.
He/she must be in an undergraduate or graduate diploma program in Department of Journalism.

PopCultureRainman.com is seeking creative candidates who possess at least 3 or more of the following skill sets:

• Exceptional writing and digital editorial skills. Your 1000-word pop culture think-pieces could easily appear in Vice.ca or Vulture.com. You know how to pitch original ideas that will align with The Pop Culture Rainman™ brand and can inspire an editorial calendar. You craft engaging, quality copy whether its for a blog post, newsletter, a Twitter or Facebook page post.
• Video Production + Editing. Experience in lighting, production, direction & editing.
• Professional Photography Skills. An eye for style and design.
• Digital Communications Specialist. Email Marketing, Social Media Management, WordPress + Plugins, Content Creation for Instagram. Good Knowledge of online digital strategies for audience growth, SEO + social analytics tools.
• Experience in radio or podcasting. Producing and editing a podcast is an asset. Radio assistant, research, fact-checking, script writing/lead ins for upcoming CJAD radio show titled “Pop Life.” Pre, mid, post production tasks, including guest booking + relations. Video production for Facebook live + YouTube.
• Promotional television show appearances pre + post production tasks.

A resume + a brief cover letter detailing why you are an editorial and multimedia all-star! The candidate should also pitch 2 original ideas/essays that would work for popculturerainman.com
Attached examples of your creative work are also encouraged.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Renee Gold: Renee@popculturerainman.com

The compensation is Academic/Course Credit.