Contact manager/ Production manager internship

Company: Toast
Category: Content Agency
Job: Contact manager/ Production manager internship
Location: Montreal, QC
Deadline to apply: April 30th
Duration: 10 weeks, from june 5 to mid-august

Toast offers two internships positions: content manager and production manager.

The Content manager will be expected to work on:
• writing,
• research,
• animation
•cnd coordination

The production manager will be expected to work on:
• camera,
• sound
• and editing

At the end, the intern will have produced 5 to 7 projects with video, photo and writting.
He/She will have a freedom in content creation.

The intern will attend meetings and pitches with videographers, production directors, producers, directors and collaborators from Toast. Meetings every Monday and Friday

Position Requirements:
The intern should have her/his own equipment to film and edit.
This candidate should be: curious, motivated and passionate students who like to learn and work as a team.

1/A document with your name, age, university program with a text explaining why you should be selected and a description of your past experiences (1 to 1 ⅕ page).

2/ Your resume ending with Youtube or Vimeo links leading to some of your experiences:
– To the content: video where you speak in front of the camera + excerpts from past
– To the production: some productions on which you worked.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Véronique Thériault at