Writer unpaid

Company: Pieuvre.ca
Category: Web media
Job: Writer unpaid
Location: Montreal, QC
From home
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: Up to the candidate’s availability.

Pieuvre.ca is looking for journalists who will have the choice to cover a vast range of topics, mostly cultural events (shows, movies, festivals, exhibits, etc.), but also articles about politics (local, national and international), architecture, public transport, science, technology, food and dining, and even video and board games.
The web media in French is expending by starting to publish in English.

The writers work from home, but meetings can be arranged at the journalist’s convenience, if necessary.

Position Requirements:
The perfect candidates would already have a little bit of experience in the field, and would be able to (sometimes) find their own topics to cover.

To apply, I’d be preferable to send me a resumé, and, if possible, an example of previous work.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Hugo Prévost: hugo@pieuvre.ca


Television Internship

Company: MAtv
Category: TV
Job: Television Internship unpaid
Location: N/A
Deadline to apply: November 25th
Duration: 15 weeks, starting January 8th 2017
Approximately 20 to 40 hours per week.

MAtv  is offering internships in television research (content research) and production coordination on public and community affairs programs.

The responsibilities will include:
take part in content development (research content, guests and locations, etc.)
•  ensure production coordination (scheduling, studio logistics,production calendar etc.)

Position Requirements:
The candidate should be as student/graduate in communications, production management or other relevant fields.
He/She should be:
• bilingual with strong written and verbal English skills
• good communicator
• curious
• well organized
• rigorous
• has good team spirit.

A resume

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to: eleonore.thetis@videotron.com and indicate in the email subject: “Television Internship Application”

Internship not paid. However we will reimburse your internship course fees if applicable.
Possibility of on-cam experience!


Television / Host / Journalism Internship

Company: The Vocalist Magazine
Category:  TV
Job: Television / Host / Journalism Internship
Location: Montreal, QC
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: N/A

TVM TV is looking for students who are interested in a learning opportunity, where they can extend their journalism, television broadcasting education beyond the classroom.

This internship is designed to provide students with a strong interest in broadcast journalism, an opportunity to gain insight into the day to day operations of professional TV production.

Position Requirements:
• Needs to be registered at a university or college on a full-time basis.
• Prefer someone working toward a career in journalism. Applicant needs to be in good academic standing and possess some knowledge of music industry.
• Needs to be organized, able to meet deadlines and be a self-starter.
• Good writing, production and conversational skills, and be able to transmit information clearly and efficiently.
• The internship will cover a quarter/semester period of approximately sixteen (16) hours per week, with a schedule to be arranged by the intern and the intern coordinator.
• Work effectively in a team environment.
• Maintain a positive and cooperative rapport with staff, management, and clients.
• Project an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor.

A resume

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:

The Vocalist Magazine
372 Sainte Catherine West – Montreal, QC

COMPENSATION: Interns will receive a maximum compensation of $100.00 per month to cover travel & food expenses.


Company: The Suburban Newspaper & their partners (MList)
Category:  Provincial Newspaper
Job: Blogger unpaid
Location: N/A
Duration: N/A

The Suburban Newspaper & their partners are always looking for bloggers with more young voices for their websites…
The blogs cover wide range of topics (travel, business, pets, senior living, parenting, health, etc.).
These bloggers to commit to sending at least one blog every 1-2 weeks.

Bloggers could create their own blog, centered around their own area of expertise or personal interests, and they’d be able to use the posts in their portfolios. They could push their blogs on their social media and get a real loyal readership going.

Position Requirements:
The Suburban Newspaper & their partners are looking for young “in-the-know” candidates that have a passion for something, and can convey it in their blog. The candidate should be someone who can capture the reader by giving them something really unique to read about, or where they can learn something from reading the post. 

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Jenn Cox: wordaddict914@gmail.com




Blog Writer

Company: Labels Co.
Category:  Fashion and beauty Platform
Job: Blog Writer unpaid
Location: From home
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: Unlimited

Labels Co. is a platform which features fashion content on a weekly basis.
Labels Co. is currently looking for a blog writer for blog posts about fashion and beauty.

The responsibilities will include:
• Write 1 blog post per week of 400 to 600 words
Write in French or English
Suggest blog topics, but might also be asked to write on a specific topic with specific guidelines
Test some products and write reviews
Make researches about specific topics and write blog posts about it
Find or create great visual tools to add to the blog post (picture, video, etc.).

Position Requirements:
The ideal candidate would:
have good writing skills in French or English
• have a s
trong fashion and beauty interest and knowledge
• have experience in 
• have SEO skills would be an asset
• be creative
• meet deadlines
• be able to work independently

A resume and 2-3 text samples.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:

The position is unpaid, but from time to time, the blog writer will be gifted some products (clothes, accessories, beauty products, etc.) to test and review them.


Avant-garde content Creators Internship

Company: The Fine Print
Category: Digital and Print Magazine
Job:  Avant-garde content Creators unpaid
Location: Based in Montreal but the candidate can be located within the city
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: N/A

The Fine Print is a print and digital magazine based in Montreal with a fine-art sensibility and a high-fashion aesthetic. The fine Print  are currently looking for internationally-based creatives to research and produce unique and distinctive content in the fields of art, fashion, photography, design, while having a personal sensibility to current sociological events. The research and production of the content will be in correspondence with the editor as well as the given brands, designers, artists or researchers.

This is an unpaid digital internship.

The Fine Print is looking to share what you are working on, collaborate on unique projects, share your thesis with its readers! Whether you are a writer, designer, painter, photographer, or you simply want to get an idea you have to execution, you have your chance. Emerge as a critical thinker and maker!

The Fine Print is focused on reaching an international demographic with its variety of subjects.

Position Requirements:
The ideal candidate should have:
• Impeccable writing skills
• Strong command of the English language
• Interest in out-of-the-box and cutting-edge subjects
•  Meticulousness
• Creativity
• Knowledge in WordPress
• Knowledge in Graphic and/or web design
Knowledge in  copy editing are a plus!

• a note about yourself
• your CV
2-3 relevant writing samples demonstrating your interest and understanding of one or many subjects and ability to conduct interviews, as well as portfolio and social media links, if applicable. 

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:

School credit available.




Reporting internship

Company: Rabble.ca
Category: Independant Media
Job: Part-time, paid labour reporting internship
Location:  Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver
Deadline to apply: November 18, 2016 (midnight)
Duration: 15 hours a week for 39 weeks (December to July)

The internship will involve access to meetings, conferences, media briefings and interviews with leaders in the labour movement, and may include shadowing rabble’s Parliament Hill reporter to committees and scrums.

The student will become familiar with some of the daily tasks involved in producing a daily national news site. He/She will work oneonone with rabble‘s editors, and will have opportunities to participate in the production of multimedia storytelling. Working independently from our desks in Ottawa, Toronto or Vancouver, the candidate will be expected to pitch news stories, take regular news writing assignments and work with the editor to prepare articles for publication. The labour reporter will also gain experience in research and factchecking. Strong writing, editing and research skills are a must, as are a demonstrated interest in the labour movement, current affairs and the ability to meet quick deadlines and to work independently.

The responsibilities will include:
• Assist with copy editing and factchecking of news articles
• Assist with Labour Issue page, blogs
• Attend weekly story meetings and monthly editorial meetings
• Contribute weekly news stories to rabble.ca
• Contribute weekly roundups or brief reports to rabble.ca
• Research and edit labourrelated feature stories
• Other tasks as required

The  placement will provide the candidate with unique opportunities to develop a grounding for reporting on national labour issues.

Position Requirements:
 Journalism degree or equivalent experience, plus a minimum of two years working experience in the field
• Demonstrated experience in online media and knowledge of the labour movement
 Creative problemsolving and decisionmaking skills for a virtual office
 Strong oral and written communication skills
Demonstrated capacity to work independently
 Must have computer and highspeed Internet access.

• a cover letter, indicating why you are interested in the Labour Reporter internship and how it fits into your future career aspirations
• Your resume
Three writing samples (published or unpublished).

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Applications are accepted by email only and should be sent to jobs@rabble.ca

Only applicants selected for interview will be contacted.

Elite Athlete Biography Researcher Internship

Company: Gracenote Sports
Category: Entertainment Platform
Job: Elite Athlete Biography Researcher Internship
Location: From Home
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: N/A

Gracenote Sports’ Biography Research Project is responsible for researching and compiling official athlete biographies for major events like the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and more, as well as for international sporting federations like FINA, FEI, IPC, ISU etc.
Currently, the BRP is looking for researchers to join the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games bio research project, among other clients.

Researchers are expected to contribute at least 3-5 bios per week.

Position Requirements:
Joining the BRP will require:
• strong online journalism and research skills
• the ability to write objectively in accordance with style guidelines
• a keen eye for evaluating the credibility and currency of sources
• and of course a passion for sports!
• an excellent research and English-language writing skills.
•Journalism degrees [post or undergrad] preferred.
• Multi-lingual skills are an asset as the BRP researches thousands of athletes in foreign-language media.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Andrew Hendry at: ahendry@gracenote.com

The very best researchers can earn invitations to work with the Biography Research Projecton-site media team at major sports events each year, and Gracenote Sports also promotes the best researchers to paid research roles in the year prior to the Winter Olympics.
All new researchers undergo a training/trial period that includes introductory exercises and training bios, followed by comprehensive personal feedback from senior BRP subeditors.

Remuneration: initially volunteer/unpaid. Top researchers can earn freelance work. See website link below for details.