Writer/ Videographer

Company: Lacava Design Inc.
Category: Digital Design for print and Media
Job: Writer/Videographer
Location: Montreal, QC
Deadline to apply: November 3rd, 2016
Duration: 3 months

Lucie Lacava, Design Consultant at Lacava Design Inc. is looking for a journalism student(s) willing to participate in a digital/design research project.
The student is invited to join a team, and participate in brainstorming sessions every Friday until the end of January. The team will address the future of digital news, and will collaborate on a project to create new visual models for digital news publications.

The student’s responsibilities will consist on:
• contributing story ideas
• and help the team create a digital prototype.

At the Poynter Institute in January 2017, Lucie Lacava will present innovative models that offer design solutions for how to present news and information via digital platforms. The candidate will join the team and participate in this three month project.

Position Requirements:
The ideal candidate will be a third year journalism student, with a keen interest in digital media, Millennial, and Generation Z. He/She will possess most of the following skills: write stories, edit headlines, shoot video, write code.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Lucie Lacava: lucie@lacavadesign.ca

Full credit will be given to participants.
Here’s a link to a video which briefly explains the challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WIy5njx52g

Videographer / Writer Internship

Company: LIFT Session
Category: Health and wellness platform
Job: Videographer/ Writer Internship unpaid
Location:  Montreal and from home
Deadline to apply:  No deadline, ASAP.
Duration: 160 hours which can be extended.

LIFT Session is looking to hire a writer and videographer to contribute to their online partnership initiative.
LIFT’s mission is to help individuals lead healthier lives. Our platform connects fitness enthusiasts with live coaches for 1-on-1 and group fitness sessions that can be done wherever and whenever the athlete wants.
Interns would have the opportunity to:
• pitch articles
• conduct interviews with industry experts
• write articles
• create accompanying audio/video content and have this content delivered and distributed to a broad audience.

Interns would work directly with the David Sciacca, LIFT’s VP of Community and Benjamin St-Amant, LIFT’s Content and Social Media Director.

The candidate would be able to work from home or the LIFT Session head office located in the Old Port. There will be occasions in which Lift would need the candidate present at the office. The split would be 70/30, but the candidate can choose to spend more time at the office if they choose.

LIFT Session is looking for people to contribute to their online partnership initiative.

Position Requirements:
There are two types of ideal candidate, a videographer and a writer. If these skill sets can be found in one candidate that would be great.
Lift will be also happy to have two interns work as a team to capture compelling visuals to go with the articles.

• Videographer: The ideal videographer would have experience filming and editing footage. She/He would be familiar with Final Cut Pro and Photoshop and have a keen eye for constructing a compelling visual stories. Lift is looking for somebody capable of thinking outside the box and pitching stories that they believe would be interesting to its target audience. If the candidate has an interest in health and wellness this would be a huge benefit

• Writer: The ideal writer would have experience conducting interviews, be able to quickly learn about topics and develop compelling interview questions and recognize interesting / trending topics that are relevant to our target audience. They would be resourceful when piecing together stories and quickly understand the “voice” that LIFT has.

The applicants can share 3 pieces of work that they have done in the past and are most proud of.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
For more details on the role please contact David Sciacca at 514 994-8058 or david@liftsession.com

There would be full time opportunities after the internship is complete.
Lift will be happy to extend the 160 hours if the work is satisfactory and the candidate is a good fit with the team.


Writer/ Videographer

Company: Tamtams
Category: Student Online Magazine
Job: Writer, Videographer unpaid
Location: Montreal

Tamtams.ca is a website dedicated to the youth and urban culture of Montreal and serves as a platform for local creatives to connect and share their work.
Tamtams is looking for
more content creators.
Tamtams would be communicating article proposals to the students and they would be going out and executing them accordingly.

The tasks will include:
• conducting an interview
• write an article detailing the significance of its subject.

The candidate may be asked to help manage social media, and may be invited to periodic business related events.
Students would have the flexibility to work from home, however there are bi-weekly meetings that they would need to attend in the downtown Montreal area.

Position Requirements:
Tamtams is looking for creative writer, videographer or simply a Montreal enthusiast.
The candidate should have good communication skills, speaks and writes clearly and effectively, listens to others, and be open to new ideas.
Proficiency in English is required, and conversational proficiency in French is a bonus. Applicants must also be proficient in standard software applications (Microsoft Word, Excel) and WordPress would be a plus.

A CV including any previous work experience and a writing, videographer, or production portfolio (any of which they may have), even if no prior work experience is required.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Please sent an email at contact@tamtams.ca and you will be reached to schedule a meeting in order to explain what Tamtams does.