Internship – Videographer/ Editor/ Production Assistant

Company: The Vocalist Magazine
Category:  TV
Job: Videographer/ Editor/ Production Assistant, unpaid internship
Location: Montreal, QC
Deadline to apply: N/A
Duration: 20 hours per week

The Vocalist Magazine is a Montreal-based digital seasonal publication dedicated to music.
The Vocalist Magazine is looking for students who are interested in learning more about television production.

The tasks will consist in:
• Assisting with day-to-day in house needs (i.e. tagging and organizing files in Premiere Pro and/or Final Cut Pro, reviewing / highlighting transcripts or transcribing interview files, archiving projects)
• Organizing project files and footage, managing and maintaining archives for current and past projects
• Serving as production assistant on shoots
• Potential opportunities to edit short videos for web/social media distribution (e.g. trailers, promos, and reels)
• Working with editors to help assemble rough cuts for projects.

The Vocalist Magazine’s Team, and Bell MEDIA – TV1 are collaborating to expand the magazine to a series of video documentaries named “The Vocalist Magazine Presents…”

Position Requirements:
 Looking for innovative and enthusiastic individuals. Interns will assist the production crew of The Vocalist Magazine PRESENTS…, The MAVENS and more.

Ideal candidate must have experience working with Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere, ability to deliver videos with cuts, graphics, sound and other elements that convey a quality production value and a level of technical sophistication and a knowledge of digital videography and photography cameras and equipment.

The position requires a minimum of 20 hours per week.

For more information, or to apply, please submit your resume to:
Jennifer Meade:

Other Info:
The Vocalist Magazine
372 Sainte Catherine West, Suite121
Montreal, Que.


RealSport Media looking for sports journalism students

Company: RealSport Media
Job: Unpaid internship, possible growth opportunity
Location: Canada & USA
Deadline to apply: ASAP
Duration: N/A

RealSport Media are looking for sports journalism students to intern remotely for the company on a rolling basis. Candidates can write for the site as much or as little as they please depending on their commitment. There will be room for growth within the company for the correct candidates following the summer months.

Qualifications / Role Description
– We are looking for journalism students who are passionate about sports and who would like to pursue a career in sports journalism.
– The role will include contributing articles to our website about various sports. Articles can either be news, opinion based and/or analysis pieces.
– The desired sports include but are not limited to: American Football (NFL and NCAAF), MLB, NHL, basketball (NBA and NCAAB), Soccer (League and International), UFC/MMA, Wrestling, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, eSports.
What we offer
– RealSport is an accredited sporting news website featuring on both Google News and Newsnow.
– This opportunity will offer the candidate the ability to build their writing portfolio along with adding our accredited news site to their resume.
– Our website is currently getting 500k unique monthly users and growing as the site expands. We offer the chance for our contributors to get their sporting voice/opinion out to our global user base while building a name for themselves in the sporting journalism world.
– This is an unpaid role but for the right candidates there is room for growth within the company which will become a remunerated position.
How to Proceed
If interested, please contact for more information.

Community News Intern/News Headline Coordinator CKUT Radio

Company: CKUT
Job: Unpaid internships
Location: Montreal, Qc (Concordia)
Deadline to apply: Friday, September 2, 2016, 11:59 PM EST
Duration: 3 months/TBD


The position of Community News Intern is a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills in radio production within a non hierarchical work environment. The intern will be exposed to new skills by facilitating a collective production environment. These skills include writing for radio, conducting independent news research, learning and offering training in radio production techniques, and using the Internet for archiving and distribution purposes. The intern will work under the direction and supervision of CKUT’s Community News and Production Coordinator.

The first two weeks will be spent training the intern to work at CKUT, including an orientation about CKUT and an overview of the job tasks that they will be working on during their term of employment. Interns will take all necessary station trainings and become a fully integrated member of the News Collective team. The work environment is one that promotes mentoring; the intern will be expected to pass on many of the skills that they have learned to new volunteers coming into the station. This is a position that allows the intern to demonstrate knowledge acquired during their internship by teaching others. The coordinator will be available at all times to answer questions and provide guidance.

Length: The Community News Internship shall last a minimum of 3 months at 10-15 hours per week.

Work tasks: Compiling community news stories; facilitating news collective meetings; delegating tasks for news production; engineering in pre-production and on-air; editing pre-recorded material; uploading interviews for Internet distribution and archiving; preparing daily runsheets; assisting in “Weekly Headlines” production and distribution.

Required Skills: Fundamental skills – research, writing, communication, problem solving. Personal management skills – a positive attitude, high sense of responsibility, ability to adapt to changes in the work environment, desire for continuous learning, safe work practices. Teamwork skills – must demonstrate an ability to work with others and participate in projects and tasks.

Contact: Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to


The CKUT news headline coordinator will be responsible for producing a daily (Tuesday-Friday) 3-5 minute headline package for CKUT. The headlines will be produced in accordance with CKUT’s social justice news mandate. The headline coordinator will work under the guidance of the news coordinator, and in collaboration with other volunteer members of the news collective. This intern will be responsible for writing, recording, and editing a headline package, as well as research and finding or recording sound clips (actualities).

Required Skills: Fundamental skills: research, writing, communication, problem solving. Ability to work well in teams. Knowledge of Montreal/Quebec/Canada news sources. Social media. Highly organized. Bilingualism in English and French is an asset.

Contact: Interested Candidates should send questions or a cover letter and resume to

CKUT Community News
+1 (514) 448-4041
Twitter: @ckutnews